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The Gospel According to Elie Wiesel

Who was the real Elie Wiesel? How did a Hasidic Jew from small town Transylvania become the docent of Auschwitz?  How did a yeshiva bocher, or a religious student, transform into a Nobel Peace Prize laureate?

This project tracks those developments. But there’s more. Visit a library. The Elie Wiesel section, in terms of sheer quantity, out-volumes the presidents of his era. There are profound theological studies.  There is an abundance of literary critique.  There is much hagiography.  There are volumes written as part of youth literature.  Wiesel himself wrote over a thousand pages of autobiography, in multiple volumes over many years.  

But to study the voluminous work is to find a fascinating dynamic.  Wiesel’s narrative serves as the central source.  His story, as he alone laid it out, absolutely dominates.  Critical appraisal, working off the historical method, is nonexistent.  

The Gospel According to Elie Wiesel then is a first of its kind.  A rigorously researched, deeply penetrating, absorbing and thoughtful deconstruction of a man and his tales.  At its heart, this biography wanders into some important terrain.  Where does the persona end and the true Elie Wiesel begin?

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